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Blues fans react to possible move from Arms Park

CARDIFF Blues fans have been reacting mostly positively to a possible move away from the Arms Park.

Last week the club announced that it “will now explore alternative options away from Cardiff Arms Park”.

Steve Coombs, a life-long fan of Cardiff RFC and Cardiff Blues, thinks that a move would be best for the club.

“I think it could be better in the long run to be free from Cardiff Athletic Club at a new ground, even if it means losing Cardiff rugby’s traditional home.

“The devil is in the detail because we don’t know where that hypothetical home could be yet. It’s all very frustrating because if the relationship with CAC were more sensible, the future could be very bright.”

Mr Coombs said: “Cardiff City Stadium is the least likely option I think. The move there nearly bankrupted them and they’re literally still paying for it.

“Ideally, they’d find a new site down the bay or maybe near Dumballs Road where all the new redevelopment is going on and build a purpose-built new rugby stadium.”

Phil Thomas runs the website www.cardiffrfcfans.co.uk, and has followed Cardiff Blues since their inception in 2003.

He said: “Whilst there is still hope that both teams [Cardiff Blues and Cardiff RFC] will stay at Cardiff Arms Park, I think the likelihood of them moving away is increasing week by week.”

“My view, as of today, is that Cardiff Arms Park will either be hosting hockey in five to seven years time or may be hosting amateur rugby in a significantly smaller venue that will be mostly car parking and other income earners for Cardiff Athletic Club such as a hotel or housing.

“The ball is firmly in the court of CAC. As for Cardiff Blues, it will look to move to a purpose-built stadium elsewhere in the city.”

Mr Thomas also believes the club will not move back to Cardiff City Stadium.

He said: “Cardiff City Stadium is definitely extremely unlikely as Cardiff Blues have just stopped paying their exit fees after breaking that contract.

“Moving there was lunacy as the tenancy agreement allowed only match day rental costs and no non-match day income at all, so the complete opposite model from what sports teams have to be nowadays.”

Cardiff-based journalist Twm Owen, however, disagrees that the Blues will move.

He said: “Strictly speaking I don’t think they’re going anywhere. I just think all round staying at the Arms Park would better suit all concerned so I imagine it’s a bargaining tool”

Jon Rees, chairman of the Cardiff Athletic Club, had nothing further to add to the statements given last week.

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