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Hi-tech indoor putting green improves golfers’ technique

TWO professional golfers in Pontyclun have invested £40,000 in an indoor hi-tech putting green that helps improve technique.The futuristic Zen Green Stage, at Llantrisant and Pontyclun Golf Club, uses high-speed camera technology to analyse golfers’ putting strokes with great precision.

John McDonald, 35, head professional at the club, brought the technology to South Wales.

“Now we have one of the best coaching and club fitting set-ups anywhere in the country,” he said.

There are only a handful of Zen Green Stages in commercial use in Britain.

Mr McDonald has been joined by Joe Francis, 24, an assistant professional at the club and the pair are now 50-50 business partners.

“It’s a bit of a weird one really, being under John in the golf club but also his business partner; it’s unique,” said Mr Francis.

Joe Francis (left) and John McDonald (right) have invested heavily in the technology

The putting green has a body tracking system that uses force plates to assess how much pressure is moving through a golfer’s feet, and how the body is moving in terms of pressure and timings. It also tilts.

“We also have our Sam Putt Lab, which picks up the way a putter is travelling'” said Mr McDonald.

“Alongside that there’s a 3D model which shows how the putter swings throughout the putt.

“The beauty of the Zen Green Stage is that we can see how it works on a straight putt, how it works on a left to right putt and how it works on a right to left putt.

“This allows us to assess people’s aim and swing tendencies.”

Lessons using the green will cost between £70 and £80 with another £40 to have a putter fitted using the technology. It is available to golfers of all abilities.

“Affordability is relative to the person in terms of how much they like to invest in their golf and how much they want to improve,” said Mr McDonald.

“If the value they place on their game is more than the financial cost, I don’t see affordability being an issue.”

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