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Grangetown parents call for local support to save play centre

Parents are determined to get local support

Parents are determined to get local support

Grangetown parents prepare for a community meeting to fight for their local play centre’s future.

Over 3000 leaflets have been handed out in the past week calling local residents to take part in a poll over the centre’s future.

Walking from house to house, a group of parents have been knocking on every door to ask for the locals’ support.

Wendy Ford, whose grandchildren are the third generation of her family to play at the centre, said:  “We need to sustain this facility, it’s the last facility left in Grangetown for children, there’s nothing else in Grangetown at all.

“They’ve shut every available facility for them, there are parks but how long can you put a child on a swing, back and forth? What are they learning from that? What are they getting from it?”

A local who welcomed the news of the meeting is Kim Yahya, 47, from Ferry Road. She said the centre was vital for her 8-year-old son, who has autism.

She said: “My son needs this centre. He absolutely loves it.”

“The Council needs to keep this centre open, it’s my lifeline.

“If they close down, I will cry.”

A local dinner lady, Betty Roberts, 60, of Channel View, also warned against the closure of the centre. She said: “It’s absolutely ridiculous.

“The centre has been a Godsend.”

She added: “Tell them to cut back something else, it’s a safe haven.”

Deb Cummings, 45, of Worcester Close, who was also delivering leaflets in the area to raise awareness, said: “The children will be hitting the streets, the streets at the moment, this moment in time is not the ideal place for children.

“We’ve got drugs on the street, there are drinkers, they’re going to pick up all of these vices which in there [the play centre] they don’t get the opportunity to pick up. Drugs, drink, smoking, congregating on street corners they’re going to be given ASBOs, Anti Social Behaviour, no, the kids need this facility.

“So, 26th of February 6pm, Channel View leisure Centre, come and show us your support Grangetown, please, please.”

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