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Burglars steal two laptops as elderly resident sleeps


Burglars climbed through an open window of an old people’s accommodation to steal two laptops, a wallet and a camcorder while the occupant was asleep.

Police are investigating the burglary of a ground-floor flat in Minton Court near Tremorfa, which happened on Saturday March 1.

While the 80-year-old resident was asleep, two burglars stole two laptops, a wallet and a camcorder. One of the laptops had a distinctive Spanish keyboard.


Detective Constable Neil Slatter, who is investigating the burglary, said: “This is an unusual incident and staff cannot recall ant previous incidents like this at the complex.

“Two people were involved in the break-in and they have gone to some effort to get into the complex either by climbing a high brick wall or through shrubs. They have then climbed through a small open window while the 80-year-old occupier is asleep in bed.”

Police have made an appeal is made to anyone who has information about this burglary or the whereabouts of the stolen items including the Acer Extensa laptop with the Spanish keyboard and the Hewlett Packward 15 inch screen laptop.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Cardiff CID on 02920 527 420 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 quoting occurrence number 1400067769.



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