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Meet your Grangetown by-election candidates

FIVE parties are contesting the Grangetown ward next Thursday with Labour’s rivals encouraged by the loss of party seats in Roath and Plasnewydd.

All the candidates have vowed to tackle litter and fly-tipping problems in the ward, which was left without a councillor after the death of Chris Lomax.

Plaid Cymru

Tariq Awan is the Plaid Cymru candidate for Grangetown.

Tariq Awan: Plaid Cymru candidate for Grangetown.

Tariq Awan stood unsuccessfully in the 2012 Grangetown election, gaining 12% of the vote with 1,467 votes. He has a background in Welsh government and charity work in Cardiff.

“I would like to see a cleaner, safer and inclusive Grangetown with provisions for the youth, elderly and families,” said Awan.

If elected, Awan would:

  • Make it easier for people to recycle by re-opening recycling centres and employing more cleansing crews.
  • Guarantee the future of Grangetown play centre and Channel View leisure centre.
  • Tackle anti-social behaviour and close all places known to used by criminals and drug dealers.


Maliika Kaaba: Labour candidate for Grangetown.

Maliika Kaaba: Labour candidate for Grangetown.

Maliika Kaaba is an experienced teacher and has worked with the charity Women Connect First in Grangetown for many years.

“As an ethnic minority, Muslim woman, I am dedicated to ensuring the diversity and vibrancy of Grangetown is represented properly,” said Kaaba.

If elected, Kaaba would:

  • Work with council and community groups to tackle the litter problem.
  • Work to improve the safety of the roads, and access to parking.
  • Bring GP services in line with other areas of Cardiff.

Liberal Democrats

Ashgar Ali is the Lib Dem candidate for Grangetown.

Ashgar Ali: Lib Dem candidate for Grangetown.

Ashgar Javed Ali was a Grangetown councillor from 2004 to 2012.

“I’m the only candidate in this election with a proven track record of standing up for Grangetown and Cardiff Bay,” said Ali.

Ali hopes to build on what he considers to be the successes of his previous term, when he:

  • Secured many benefits for the community including extra street sweepers to keep the streets clean.
  • Fought for extra zebra crossings across the busy roads.
  • Secured the much-hailed north Grangetown regeneration scheme – all while keeping council tax rises low.


Michael Stewart Bryan: Conservative candidate for Grangetown.

Michael Stewart Bryan: Conservative candidate.

Michael Stewart Bryan stood unsuccessfully for a Riverside council seat in 2012, gaining 3% of the vote with a total of 276 votes. Bryan is a researcher at the Welsh Assembly, and a school governor.

“If I were to be elected I would work hard to ensure that the many communities in Grangetown work together to take pride in their local community,” said Bryan.

If elected, Bryan would:

  • Work with county hall to clamp down on fly-tipping and other forms of anti-social behaviour.
  • Help to ensure that public money was being put to the best possible use
  • Making sure savings are achieved in the fairest way possible.


Richard Lewis: UKIP candidate for Grangetown.

Richard Lewis: UKIP candidate for Grangetown.

Richard Vaughn Lewis was born and raised in Cardiff. He works as head of office to a UKIP AM.

“Regardless of who wins on Thursday, November 3, Labour will still have two councillors in Grangetown. Make a difference by voting for UKIP and ensuring they don’t have three councillors in the ward,” said Lewis.

If elected, Lewis will focus on:

  • The future of the Channel View leisure centre.
  • Major issues with cramped housing and lack of parking.
  • Roads pitted with potholes and cracked pavements.
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