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Canton school leads the way in school libraries initiative

Author Annaliese Avery

A CANTON school has teamed up with an author to be the first ‘Book Buddy’ in Britain as part of a new initiative to boost school libraries.

Lansdowne Primary School is taking part in the initiative organised by Waterstones Children’s Book Prize 2018 author Maz Evans, where authors donate the books they read in 2018 to their allocated school library.

The Canton based school has been paired up with Annaliese Avery, from Beccles in Suffolk, to be the first ‘Book Buddy’ pairing.

Ms Avery said: “I am super proud to be Book Buddy to Lansdowne Primary and I’m looking forward to sharing some amazing books and wonderful adventures with this delightful bunch of phenomenal readers!”

Author Annaliese Avery

Author Annaliese Avery has become Book Buddy to Lansdowne Primary School

Ms Evans, who continues to pair schools and authors has had to close her list after receiving hundreds of requests.

Explaining how the initiative came about Ms Evans said: “I have been campaigning for some time about the terrifying fact that many of the hundreds of schools I visit cannot afford books. It’s an outrage.

“I was encouraging people to join me in lobbying the Education Secretary, Damian Hinds, when Annaliese came forward and offered to donate her year’s books to a school.

“It’s only been a few days, but hundreds of books are reaching thousands of kids and it’s a start.”

Explaining how Lansdowne Primary School was chosen Ms Avery said: “I responded to Maz’s call to action by telling her and Twitter at large that I would become a Book Buddy to the first school that got in touch with me.

“Bruce McInnes was quick off the mark and responded – job done!”

Bruce McInnes, 42, a year six teacher at Lansdowne Primary School said: “School budgets are getting smaller and smaller and so it’s getting more and more difficult to keep school libraries stocked with relevant, current books.

“The partnership has already fired up the children and they’re excited about reading, which can only be a good thing.

“We are focusing on getting our young people to read for pleasure and develop a lifelong love of reading. This has been proven to have a significant impact on pupil’s attainment but also opens our young people to whole new worlds of creativity.”

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