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Cathays green space scheme ‘too focused on students’

CATHAYS residents feel the council’s regeneration scheme of green spaces in the area is focusing too much on students.

Llanbleddian Gardens improvement. Credit: Cardiff council

Rhys James, 47, from Cathays said: “I would love to know what the plan is with the old bowling greens behind Maindy park.  

“It is just being allowed to overgrow and go to ruin.  It would make a lovely community area for families and communities to gather and enlarge the play area.  

The regeneration around the university will primarily be aimed at students, but there are many families still in Cathays that feel a bit pushed out.  We will be in the community long after a transient set of students leave.”

Phase two of the Cathays regeneration scheme is due to start at Llanbleddian Gardens, opposite the Sherman Theatre.

It will include a new a new circular bench, new provision of bins, paving and bollards to prevent parking on the grass, a new wildflower area and a new seating area.

The council is also regenerating Cogan Gardens and has made improvements to Ruthin Gardens, which are all in the vicinity of Cardiff University’s student union.

The scheme was set up to restore a sense of community in the area, as councillors said they had seen an rise in waste, noise levels and anti-social behaviour due to population growth.

The area in red shows the Cathays green spaces being regenerated by the council’s scheme.

Cathays Labour councillor, Christopher Weaver said: “We’re delighted the next stage of the regeneration project is starting. These gardens are important open spaces in Cathays, and we want everyone to take pride in our area.  

“It will be great for people across the city visiting the Sherman Theatre as well.”

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