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Recycling and waste management to be hit in £4m council cut

The council will meet at City Hall to discuss the budget on Thursday.

CARDIFF Council are proposing to cut more than £4m from the environment, planning and transport budget.

Recycling and waste management will face £424,000 in cuts, £184,000 of which will come in staff cost savings.

Councillor Chris Weaver, cabinet member for finance, said: “Despite our budget being cut deeply, we try to make as many savings as possible by changing the way we work, using new technology, and working as efficiently as possible.

“Keeping our streets clean, reaching our sustainable transport and recycling targets and looking after our most vulnerable people cannot be achieved by the council alone. We all need to work together to tackle problems and realise our shared ambitions for Cardiff.”

There are worries the savings could exacerbate the issue of fly-tipping in the city.

Neil McEvoy, Independent Councillor for Fairwater, said: “We would invest in recycling by re-opening the Waungron Road Recycling Centre.

“The results of the closure of the centre is there for all to see. Fly-tipping is everywhere. We would also bring back community skips.”

Coun Weaver said some of the savings would be balanced out by other spending commitments: “I am pleased we are able to spend £312,000 on “blitz” cleaning, and also pilot new street cleansing technology.

“We are also creating another street cleansing team working 2pm-10pm to help in areas with evening food outlets.”

The other major saving to the environment budget is a £500,000 cut in funds for council vehicles, which the council believe can be achieved through a review of vehicle purchasing and maintenance.

The council also plans to raise more income. The most notable income generator in the environment budget is an increase in fees for bereavement services, which are predicted to raise £301,000.

Councillor Adrian Robson, leader of the Conservatives in Cardiff Council, said: “The whole budget needs to be looked at. There are other opportunities for income generation.

“The council tax rise is too high, each line in the budget should be looked over carefully.

“The council are bringing in tougher charges for fly-tipping, if this brings in more money it should be used to reduce the rise in council tax.”

The budget will go to a full council meeting for approval on Thursday.

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