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Grangetown Foodbank helps those in need

A CHARITY is helping Cardiff people by giving food and support to those who are the most at risk.

Grangetown Baptist Chapel is one of seven locations in Cardiff with a Foodbank service and it is available there every Friday between 12pm and 2pm.

The Foodbank is available to people who are in need of emergency food aid. Front line care workers give vouchers to people when they identify their need for the charity.

Minister David Evans has helped run Grangetown Foodbank for over a year. He says the service is all about helping people, but not just with food.

Each person who leaves here I’d like them to leave in a better state than when they came. When people come here for food it’s often a symptom of something else. So when people come here we will talk to them and we will find out what the issues are in their lives and then we can help them.

“So if they’re heavily in debt for example we have a debt advisor here from Cardiff Council and they have a lot of expertise and can help people in all sorts of ways.”

Food can be donated directly to Grangetown Baptist Chapel or any other Foodbank in Cardiff. Supermarkets also often have collections for the charity but any food donated must have a shelf-life of at least three months.

You can also support the Foodbank by donating money. This is done by texting FOOD07 £5 to 70070 for example if you were to donate £5. You will not be charged for sending the text and Cardiff Foodbank will receive all of your donation.

For more information visit www.cardifffoodbank.org.uk

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